Sunday, May 1, 2011

Innovative and Silly

I had tried everything in the book:  "Ok guys in 10 minutes it is going to be bath time...Ok which one do you want a bath or go to bed?... Ok do you want a bath or a shower?... Ok come on lets take a bubble bath!"

Nothing had worked to get them in to the tub.  Especially Kaio hates baths.

They pretty much ignored me and continued playing rambunctious in their room.  Kaio took four containers of sample size wall paint, stacked them, and carried them on a tray to me: a birthday cake.  They sang me happy birthday, which I have to say was the dearest, cutest of the cute.  Nene, 2, fumbled through the words, and Kaio, 4, kept the tune.  I blew out the pretend birthday cake feeling very appreciated. Not my birthday by the way.

Time for a Party!  How about a pool party?  Do you guys want a pool party?
"Yes, Yes!"

Let's get our bathing suits on and go swimming in the pool!

So they put on their bathing suits and hopped in the bath.

Finally!  Success!  They got into the bath without a fight.
Day visit to the Zoo, he made saw some bigger kids climbing this tree and had to try it.  he made it by the way

She's been having so much fun in her "New" dresses

Easter egg hunt and balloon clowns

me and Nene, looking older ever year. sigh.

my first attempt making homemade chocolate for Easter.  She liked it.

Nene found a paint set in the trunk.  The calm after the storm over sharing the paint. I usually let them work things out themselves.

not exactly how you use a 

in the Obama pose

Excited about the school bus.  He's so big!

painting the grave of our first baby quail casualty.  A learning lesson for us all. 

So determined, and barefoot.

relaxing on the jungle gym

She loves sitting in the spot in the yard where the grass grows tall and lots of dandelions grow wild

picking dogwood flowers

little hippy

fig tree I planted last year looks promising!

Love that they play together :)

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