Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Huntley Meadows

The day began with a magical cardinal trapped in our porch.  Inspiring us to seek out bird watching spots.

Who knew that Northern VA houses a magical vine forest?

With a floor of ferns and a canopy of birds.

According to the website:
Huntley Meadows lies in a wet lowland that was carved out by an ancient meander of the Potomac River. The resulting freshwater wetland is one of the rarest habitats left in Fairfax County. Acre for acre, a healthy wetland supports more life than almost any other habitat. Wetlands also purify polluted waters and control the destructive power of floods and storms

A collection of box turtles sun bathing on drift wood.

An enormous snapping turtle soaking in the muddy water.

Our first real tadpole spotting experience.  Can you see the tadpoles?  They wiggle their tales and rest in the mud.
A girl with butterfly wings on, totting a little pink purse, and taking an imaginary call from grandma on her cell phone.

We walked for a mile and a half.

Then back at the Visitor's Center...

lots of buttons to push.

Creatures to see.

Horns to wear.

Books to read.  (I let them take them home).  Who can say no to The Very Hungry Caterpillar w/ reusable stickers, and A Nest Full of Eggs stage 1 science book.

Then we flew back to our nest.  Two tuckered out little chicks still wanted to read their books at home.

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