Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rally for Food and Farm Freedom

For the past year and half, the FDA has conducted an undercover sting operation on dairy farmer Dan Allgyer and his loyal private buying club customers. In response to this affront of our freedoms, the buying club he services and people around the country organized a rally in support of Dan and other farmers targeted by the FDA.  Details on the event and future actions:

We participated  in the rally last Monday, May 16th.  
It was a beautiful spring day.  My kids love visiting Capitol Hill.  And so does Bessy, who had to cross several checkpoints, I presume to  ensure she was not a Trojan cow.

The Raw milk flowed for sampling but I'm pretty sure that most everyone there was familiar with the nectar.  My kids savored it and turned into little riot grrls and boys in training.  

Nene, in her favorite pink poke-a-dot dress, got singled out and interviewed by the press.  She just stood there silently sipping her milk while they asked her questions.  Kaio came over and started babbling about his toy car being fast.

I did not lug a stroller with us.  We do not have a double stroller (used to have a sit and stand but i sold it), and when i bring the single stroller, they tend to fight over it.  Plus, I'm a fan of travelling light.  My kids are pretty good walkers, so I let them be free and tire themselves out.  Kaio helps corall Nene.  They hold hands when walking in crowed areas or across streets.  Kaio got tired in the sun and asked for me to carry him for a block.  Otherwise, they did great.

So, my ultra conservative husband pointed out that our Rally was on Fox.  I just love it when conservative and liberal causes intersect.  I also love the guest's argument, "We can buy raw fish, raw meat, why not raw milk?"  Check out the Freedom watch segment:

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