Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who is your best friend?

My mom got Nala a little purple leapfrog 'laptop.'  I find it ridiculous and obnoxious but Nala likes it.  The laptop speaks and asks questions like, "What animal starts with M?"  It also asks, "Who is your best friend?"

Nala answers, "Mommy and Daddy and Kaio."

Kaio answers, "Nala."

When I hear that it tears me a bit in my belly. When the kids were in daycare and full time school their 'bestfriends' were classmates.  Now, they are each other.  It scares me a bit to be keeping their peer circle in the family.  Best friends are so amazing and fill a very different role than brother, sister, mom, or dad.  I don't want them to be missing out on that.  But I also think it may still be too early to matter.  I hope I'm making the right decision keeping them home with me.

Mari's first day at his new job.  It's a bit farther away than the last.  He took the bus and was gone all day long.  Kids and I had a good time throughout the day.  

Look mama, soap and water make bubbles 

I finally got the courage to create an art corner for the kids.  I ordered a little bit of everything from and so far things have been going well and there has not been an eruption of mess all over the floor.  Nala is really enjoying creating art work.  I'm loving her creativity.

And Kaio's been obsessed with Angry Birds, drawing and building mixed media Angry Birds art.

I put the kids to bed and caught Kaio reading Nala a book.  So cute!!!

Sunday night they were racing a 'track' through the house with their racing numbers.

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