Monday, March 12, 2012

The Heart Meridian Opens to the Tongue

I used to lay in the dark, eye's closed with my head resting on Mari's chest, hearing his voice in the darkness with no image telling me that he was different or separate, just another voice on the same black plane of existence as mine.  With no eyes telling me  that our bodies were separate things, I felt merged like part of the same particles.  Like we were part of one great black landscape, sounds and time woven in colored waves and fractals.  The feeling of my head against his chest could have been anything; a wall, a bed... Bodies don't exist.   In the stillness it's not matter, it's not a form, it's sound wave pulsing frequency next to mine.

In Traditional Chinese medicine physiology, there are meridian paths traveling through the body, invisible to our eyes.  These paths connect our skin, muscles, and internal organs.  They carry energy between the parts of the body and support production of blood and body fluids among other things.

The meridian of the Heart ends at the very tip of the tongue.  There is, therefore, a direct connection from tongue to heart.  It makes me wonder if that's why we like kissing so much.

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