Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Dysfunctional Family Outing in Baltimore

My awesome car averages 55 miles to the gal hwy.  Howeva, it's a VW, which means the service is $$$.  Luckily a friend and fellow VW owner clued me in to a shop outside of town that will do certified work for way less than the dealership.  He also showed me a website to buy the parts and take to the shop.  I ended up saving over a GRAND on my last service.

But we had to drive almost to Baltimore.

Well when life throws you lemons...

Spend the day tooling around Baltimore.

Mari was between jobs and had the day off.  We got to spend some "quality" time together.

Don't let the pictures fool you.  Although it looks like we're having a good time, we're really bickering and whining pretty much constantly.

Which made me wonder: are we one of those dysfunctional families that spends their vacations arguing and fighting with each other?

 We had to leave this playground quick cause Mari though some guy with a crowbar wanted to rob us.

 We found beer outdoors overlooking the harbor.  Nala colored the side of the place mat with activities.  Kaio flipped his over and drew on the blank side.  Then they switched.

 Having a dysfunctional family doesn't seem so bad when you've got brew and sun.
 And crab soup.
 And trains and pirate ships.

Can we go home now please?

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