Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Judging Ourselves

With the shift to not working anymore, I notice a shift in my identity.  how do I define myself?  Not like I ever had this figured out, but I had been in the corporate world for 6 years and grown into the role, more or less.  I wore hip, sometimes designer, outfits during the work week and strut around like Carrie Bradshaw.  Then off the clock, I'd go completely grunge in messy tank tops and funky pajama pants.  If someone from work had seen me out in public, I would have hid.  

I never minded looking so casual and dirty since I knew I cleaned up well and earned the Benjamins.  But now that I don't have a job anymore, I find myself struggling over appearance.  If I wear dirty messy clothes all the time, am I a low life?  Actually this all started after watching Idiocracy, an hilarious movie about 500 years in the future when smart people have become extinct.   One scene shows the name of a hospital: St.God's Memorial Hospital with the letters not fitting. This demonstrates the degeneration of intelligent society as stupid people don't care about the details.  I related to this with my laziness towards spelling and grammar, and my apathy towards perfectionism.  I wear ripped, stained clothes and sport a cracked opal ring on my right hand.  I thought I had style, but now I'm starting to realize I just look like white trash.


  1. i always think you look great!

    sometimes i think we over-analyze these things. the other weekend my mom kept commenting on how nice my pants looked. said pants were five years old, completely splattered with red deck stain, and sewn back together in so many places with whatever thread happened to be on the bobbin that day. mom figured i'd bought them that way and said they looked stylish. go figure.

  2. ha. I bet those pants were pretty stylish.



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