Thursday, June 30, 2011

Laid off

Over a week since being laid off, or put on 'redeployment' as they now call it (see next paragraph for explanation), and I haven't felt much urge to write. I guess I'm still adjusting to the new life of no trips to the office, no meetings to attend, and no work emails to respond or route. My mind gratefully evicted the amphitheater reserved for work stuff: to-do lists, stress over future meetings, recycling of "shoulda said this" conversations, drama with coworkers, and my constant dissonance between over-achievement and jadedness. I'm happy to purge those dumb workplace preocupations.

The redeployment period should really be referred to as the SH Memorial Month. A Vice President with over 22 years with the company, initials SH, committed suicide after being let go after the last Reduction In Force (RIF). Now the new policy is to offer a month of redeployment in which employees can seek other positions in the company. It gives us a glimmer of hope and hopefully prevents us from shooting ourselves.  I don't mind because it gives me a month to use up my Flexible Spending Account before my insurance coverage runs out.

I'm not even bothering to look for another position. They've had layoffs every quarter since I started working there. I've had five different bosses in the year and a half. Dysfunctional.

Today I organized our family's socks. I took every single sock, matched them with the pair, and threw away the ones with holes or without matches. The laundry bin full of mismatched socks has now finally been made void. Do you have any idea how good that feels?!

Shit like that accumulating, itching, tormenting me with shallow pangs of exhaustion and defeat. Knowing the backlog of things to deal with would never reach sock basket level of priority.

So I'm enjoying the downtime to get caught up.  I've done the dishes every day this week.  I call that an accomplishment.

But, we've also been out and about as usual.  Some photo highlights:

Kaio's learned how to work the camera.

Making time for puddle splashing

this was not staged

Starting a band at Brewfest

Little doll relishing fresh squeezed while we enjoy brews

Reconstructing Angry Birds

Kaio busted her Angry Birds castle, then shot Nene crying

First carrot! kinda stubby

Kaio's pick of me

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