Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fleeting Windows of Beauty

We had a tough time agreeing on a name for Nalini (Nene).  You try finding a name that works in two
languages.  I wanted Adelaide or Cypress or Cedar.  Trees are masculine in Latin languages, so no tree names for girls.  Mari wanted Isadora or Isabella.  

Turns out Asia is our middle ground.  The name Nalini originates from the Sanskrit word for Lotus flower.  It's no wonder that Nene's so crazy for flowers now.  She'll spend an hour picking dandelions, clover flowers, or azaleas.  This really tested my patience when I'd try to round her up to the car or house.  

In a short spring I've aged.  

I've seen those azaleas bloom and wilt.  

I realize the fleeting windows of beauty.  

Just once a year she'll have the simple joy of picking the pink flowers.  

I should let her take as much time as she wants.

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