Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Train School

My new solution to getting Kaio to leave his Thomas the Tank Engine train at home when he goes to preschool.
So I know that the train is his comfort creature.  He feels more secure with his friend Thomas in hand.  But added baggage includes fights on the playground when other kids want to hold Thomas, crying when he leaves Thomas somewhere and cant find him, and distraction from the activities at hand if he is playing with the Thomas train.  I've let him take Thomas with him to preschool since I felt that Thomas would help him adjust to the new school.  But a couple weeks ago Thomas broke on the playground or something and I received a note from the teacher saying that it would be easier for her if Thomas stayed at home.
So now each morning Kaio leaves Thomas at train school where he learns to chug and puff with his friends.  When he gets home from school Thomas is right where he left him.

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