Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hanging in there despite the turbulence

Many ups and downs over these last couple weeks.  It always seems like there is so much going on!  Never a dull moment I guess.  So life has been tough in a sense.  I have a new boss and that means many changes at work.  The new schedule that I had felt settled in to, is now slightly uprooted with important new meetings and projects to cater to New Boss's taste.  Old priorities that made up our normal job, are now on hold.  So this transition has been expectedly stressful.  But at least she is understanding of my flexible work schedule that lets me have two days with the kids as long as I work nights.  She did say a couple key things during our discussion of my schedule: as long as you maintain productivity, and no going part time.  So there is some pressure to stay full time or not-at-all.  It really is hard to work full time and have time with the kids, and do choirs, and try to spend quality time with Mari.  Indeed not-at-all looks more and more pleasing every day, but I'm just not ready to give up that paycheck yet.  So I'll continue to work hard and secretly wish to get laid off so I can collect severance.  he he he  just kiddin.
Last Friday Mari had the day off and we went to Spa World, the nation's best Korean Bath House, and the greatest secret in Northern Virginia.  I got a exfoliating body scrub and massage where a Korean woman in black lingerie rubbed me down with milk and honey.  Imagine ecstasy.   It also costs $90, so I'm sure that would be a no go if I did not have a job!

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