Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Potty Trained? Yes!

....I'm still walking on cloud nine from Kaio really being potty trained.  Really?  Really?  I have been spending about $50 a month on diapers for the last 2.5 years and now it is over!  Yup, diapers are expensive when you get the unbleached fancy pants ones.  Well, he has just stepped right into the role of potty trained kiddo.  We even got past the trouble that we were having with him repeatedly making poo-poo in his diapers at bedtime: we put a toilet in his room.  Now he just gets out of bed and goes by himself.
I have noticed that the days when he is really hyper at bedtime he has a couple bowel movements at night.  I'm not sure what or why this is.  But, if I put him to bed when he has a lot of energy, he usually ends up cleaning the pipes a couple times.
Nalini like sitting on the potty too.  I'm pretty sure that she is going to pick up quick.

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