Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Snoverkill Potty Breakthrough

The day I have been waiting 3 years for is finally here!  Kaio has been going in the potty by himself for two whole days!  Finally after flirting with potty training for about a year, he has done it!  And, the solution now seems so easy, i wish that I had tried it sooner: putting him in underwear and letting him wet himself!
Monday I ran out of diapers and by default was forced to keep him in underpants all day.  He wet them, I changed them and his pants, put new ones on, washed the old ones with the pants, repeat. all day long!  He even took a dump in them, and I just kept persistent with the underpants.  Since pooping himself and then one more pee pee in the pants, he has been going in the potty every time.  We even left the house for a while and he held it and then went in the potty when we got home.
I have tried so many other things over the last year.  I have tried giving him little presents, giving him chocolate chips, reading on the toilet, potty charts, positive reenforcement, cloth training pants, and even no pants.  But what he really needed was a cold turkey switch to big boy pants!
Mariano put him in a training diaper when he took a nap today and he pooped in his diaper.  Then I changed him and put him in underpants with Thomas the Tank Engine print.  I told him not to dirty Thomas and I put a little potty in his room and told him to go in that if he needed.  Well, to my amazement he did!  He work up from his nap and made a poo-poo in the little toilet!  I think putting it in his room was key to success.
Oh and the toilet I got him is the Bjorn potty chair, which turns out is the very best according to multiple accounts from fellow holistic moms.  I made a kind of crazy trip to Target to get one yesterday, in the snow.  Mariano was not so happy about that idea, but I think it all worked out after today's success. Or as Mariano calls it, "economizing a diaper."  Yes, we have been spending about $50 a month on chlorine free diapers for Kaio.  So this will be a huge money saver!
Since we've been snowed in from work, daycare, and pretty much everything else, we've been hanging out in the house being silly.  Nalini is growing up and developing so fast.  She is very attentive, joyous, and smart.  She has started saying some words in English and Portuguese and is getting good at communicating through sign language.  In this picture she asked me to put some puppets on her hands and then she walked around the house having them talk to each other; basically like as she jiggles them up and down.  Omg. it is so cute.

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