Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer Love

Walking out in a tank top on a moonlit night as the eighty degree soft wind brushes against bare arms.  Clouds drift across the sky reflecting the light of the moon and carrying the tone of day-end peace.  I love summer nights.  I love the sounds of the crickets, cicadas, and frogs all doing their mysterious things behind the shadowed brush.  I love the pavement glistening damp and sheen orange from the street lamps.  I even love the city with sparkling side walks and laughter echoing from bar patios.

This summer has been so wonderful, I don't want it to turn fall.  As my kids have grown out of our bed, and sleep through the night, I've blossomed into a person again (not just a worn out mom).  Teaching Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga has been so good for me.  I'm outdoors on the water, surrounded by nature and doing yoga, at least three times a week.  I've finally got my pre-kid body back.  Really, I'm in the best shape of my life.  I have a freggin 6pack for the first time ever (I might have to pierce the belly button to give it some bling).  It's the luscious mix of eating naturally rich foods, flowing through yoga outdoors, being embraced by love from my family, and finding an outlet for exercising my personal driving passions.

Everyday that passes I breath gratitude into the spaces of momentary reflection because I know how lucky this is.  On the floor, forming tea cups out of rainbow sculpy, I realize how delicious it feels to do art side-by-side with the kids.  Every time I plop down to pick up those damn legos, I say a silent thank you to the universe for giving me the leeway to pick up those legos; because I still remember a time when that wasn't fathomable, when I was a mom stretched so thin that picking up legos by hand off the floor was not a sane option.

I know that luck is fragile and could flutter away at any moment.  I've seen many good families struck by indiscriminate challenges, and I don't think for a second that we are immune.  I wont ask for anything more and will just savor what we have right now... Except maybe for summer to linger a bit longer.  

I write this on a day that was almost so sucky.  Kaio and I fought like brother and sister.  My temper short, his actions incendiary.  It just sucked.  But I'm glad that I was able to catch a late night yoga class after Mari came home.  That fixed the spirit and reset the nerves.  Maybe Kaio wasn't incendiary in the first place, maybe I was just cranky.

That's really the ticket.  Taking care of myself by knowing when I need a break to recharge.  That has been the key to the success of this summer: spending time fostering the family's interests while also nurturing myself.  It feels like living with the kind of relish I remember from my indulgent youth.   Each action worthy of the moment, even when just hanging around the house watching TV.  There's intention, honest joy and the days pass as plump, sweet peaches.

Kriya in Sanskrit translates to "action."  For me it signifies a state of recognition of the action of each moment as a choice.  Even sleep is an action, as you are making a choice to sleep.  During sleep you breath, engage in REM, and relax your muscles.  Sitting on the sofa, watching TV you are recognizing the importance of that moment as a valuable step in your life.  That could be learning something yourself or sharing in some cuddle time while watching a show that someone else likes.  Kriya, is living with intention, and through this you feel the energy (prana, qi) flowing through your body.  That is action.  That is being a master of your domain.

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