Monday, August 5, 2013

Peeling off the Couch

Although I love staying home with the kids all day, sometimes I get down and feel like I'm failing.  Like this week, it seemed all the kids wanted to do was watch TV and eat ice cream.  I had to coax and beg them out of the house.

I know that I spent summers watching tv and eating ice cream as a kid, and turned out ok.  But I wish my parents had done more to get me off the couch.

The heat has been pretty mild this week, great outdoor weather.  I enticed them out yesterday with a trip to the car-wash.  I still find car washes a huge treat.

Often, I feel pretty isolated, like we don't interact with other kids enough.  I hope that changes in the future.

At least they have each other.  Kaio and Nala get along so well for the most part.

Here she's tickling him with a fern.  I love ferns.  It's one of my dreams to sleep on a bed of ferns.

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