Monday, July 23, 2012

To Show the Beautiful Moments

I sincerely feel like I must have been an explorer in a previous life.  Someone traveling the seas and land, crossing new terrain, walking steps never walked before.  Nothing makes me feel more at peace than walking through an unpathed forest, stepping over logs, navigating wilderness, or watching the water and scenes pass from the deck of a boat.  I have some deep embedded spirit of adventure that tastes joy from a slice of the unknown.  When traveling I always seek those off the beaten path spots that allow me to connect with that inner explorer and remember what it felt like to be at the helm of a new discovery.  
And with the life of an explorer comes the work of documenting the experience.  All explorers kept logs of their journeys and hardships, historical records of what did or didn't go wrong to serve and aid in future ventures and to explain what that venture was like to the world.  And I think that's where my desire to blog comes from.  Most days it's tough to find the time to write.  But I feel a tremendous pull deep inside me to document our life.  So that's why I'm here in front of the computer today.  To show the beautiful moments.

 My brother convinced us to let him dig a pond in our front yard.  So that's what we were up to today.

 Covered in dirt like a monster truck

The beautiful passion flowers that grow like weeds in our front yard.

My brother brought his dogs.

Nala's favorite article of clothing is this sleeping beauty hooded towel dress.  If only I could find another one but they don't seem to make them anymore.  We've tried getting her other pink towel dresses, but nothing takes its place so far.  I don't think she's even seen Sleeping Beauty the movie.  She just likes it because it's pink.

Speaking of pink, I bought a pink hello kitty shirt for myself thinking it would win me cool points with Nala.  Mari has an angry bird shirt and Kaio thinks that's super cool when he wears it.  So I get myself this shirt and Nala sees it and swipes it!  She grabs it straight out of the Target bag and runs off to her room, "Mom, pink is my favorite color, you can't wear pink!  This is my shirt, I'm going to take it to my room and keep it until it fits me."
She sure put me in my place.

Kaio's getting into superheros and especially spider man.  He's been wearing the new spider man pajamas day and night. In 100degree heat!

This week we took a bike ride and it marked his first bike ride out of the neighborhood without training wheels!

Sweet kids.

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