Friday, July 9, 2010

All my Energy

I find myself completely focused on my kid all the time with almost every action I take.  I make meals based on what he prefers, go on outings to destinations that I think he'll enjoy, buy and make things that he'll like.  It is favoritism, I know it.  I don't focus that much energy on anyone else, not even myself.  It is a good thing that GirlFriend is so low maintenance, because I just don't have more attention to go around.  It's crazy how much of my life revolves around his needs and trying to engage him in activities, teach him things, and watch him react.
Since I have started my new schedule of staying home with the kids two days week, they have grown noticeably more attached to me.  LittleMan doesn't want to sleep in his bed alone at night anymore.  He wants to stay with me and sleep in bed with us.  GirlFriend cries on the days that I go to work early, and when I get home she clings to me. Then I carry her around as I used to when she was a baby.
These are unintended side effects of increased quality time with mama.  Maybe I need to curb their attachment and push them back towards independence.  But for now, I don't mind being appreciated more.

Check out the M & D Victorian doll house that I scored for $40 on CL.  Both the kids like playing with it, but especially GirlFriend:  she's such a girl!

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