Monday, June 28, 2010

another successful day at home

despite getting off to a rocky start.  Hung over in the morning from a World Cup game party.  I didn't drink that much, but I did make a pack to shave my head if Argentina wins, so I must have been a little off the rocker.  Then in the morning I even threw up, in front of GirlFriend no less.  She started patting my back, and then she started imitating me.  Slightly humorous but not so good feeling to be vomiting in front of your kid.
Being at home with the kids during the day has been perfect though.  It feels so right to be talking to them, teaching, cooking, cleaning, and working them through their fights.  Maybe the fights are the biggest challenge.  I initiated a game of balloon golf where the kids took turns hitting the balloon with a paddle.  First they fought over who would get to hold the paddle.  I always try to stand back and let them settle things on their own at first, but this confrontation went downhill fast and ended with GF crying because she fell when LM tried to force the paddle out of her hand.  I gave them both a talking to: GF for not giving up the paddle so we could do our activity and LM for trying to take it from her. After putting the paddle in time-out for a minute I reintroduced it and they played nice for a bit.  a bit.  I showed LM how to hit the balloon first, this was a hand eye coordination strengthener.  He loved it, and even gave the baby her turn nicely.  But then the next time he got the paddle he refused to share and yelled at me.  I made him go to his room because he was so disrespectful.  When he came out he was in a better mood and they took turns well.  That was until the baby hit me on the head with the paddle.  It was blatant, and painful!  I guess she thought my head looked like a balloon.  I put her in time-out immediately and she sat there and cried.  To my amazement she stayed sitting there for the whole minute.  LM never stays put.  I knew that she didn't mean to hurt me, but she has to learn not to hit people.  I explained this to her, and told her it was ok.  She stopped crying, and she apologized.  She even gave me a kiss.  I really think that she understands what I say to her.
The kids are precious when they play together.  They laugh non stop with this funny 'eh-he-he-he-eh' barking laugh.  GF always laughs like that and LM mimics her.  So sweet.

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