Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First Family Bike Ride

Kaio's 6 and Nala's 4, Sunday we took our first family bike ride out of the neighborhood and where everyone rode his/her own bike.  We rode about half a mile down a bike trail and through the Reston Town Center on a mission for milk shake.  Nala rode really slow, well her wheels were the smallest.  But either Mari or I needed to walk our bike next to her - she was that slow.  Kaio did great and biked the whole way keeping a safe speed and without complaining of being tired.  He's got a silly habit of looking behind him and then loosing balance and falling, this happened at least three times.  "Watch where you are going, look forward!"  I holler to try to remind him.

Our pilgrimage to Silver Diner ended in success and each of us ordered our own milk shake.  Nala made a big deal to the waiter about needing a pink straw.

Since we had a whole trip back and Nala lagged so much on route to the destination, we needed to figure out how to return Nala back home.  She was too tired to bike and the sun was setting, the air cooling.  It was the kind of tense situation that could have easily gone sour; one of us getting upset or frustrated.  I suggested leaving Nala's bike at the diner and retrieving it by car.  Then Mariano ingeniously devised a system for taxiing her back.

When we made it home without any fight, meltdown, or injuries it felt like a triumph.

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