Sunday, June 3, 2012

Best Day Ever

Some days or weeks aren't so great, and I'm depressed or exhausted or both.  Perchance instigated by the moon cycle or a shortage of chocolate, or just general natural sags in the fabric of life.  This week the moon is in its waxing phase, and I'm having one of those great times.  Where generally I'm functioning in a state of gratitude and joy.  Where moments topple with love and vibrate with brilliant life.  And I just have to relish and be thankful for where we are at and what we have.

June 2012 glided in and we celebrated Memorial Day weekend with a camping trip at the beach with some good friends.  Nature did its part sending kisses of warm sunny weather.

 Making a friend at a neighboring site

Marching for a fluvial adventure.

Feeling fish 

That mourning he insisted he did NOT want to go to the beach 

Then Wednesday night we braved the underground convoy on route to see Brazil vs. USA friendly game.

The train was packed with crazies, and for a sec I regretted subjecting the little one. 

 Mari broadcasting support for the home team

 And Kaio was just excited about waving a flag

 We met up with some tailgating buddies in the parking lot

 We were drinking beer and we let Kaio have a soda, which he thinks you get by mixing pepper and coffee.

But the big deal is the Monster Truck rally today.  Kaio's been pumped about it all week.  He even created a freaking diorama.  Yeah I don't think he saw this anywhere.  He just busted this out a couple mornings ago.

Mari's picture of the Grave Digger at the Monster Truck Rally show in Baltimore

Kaio also discovered my scuba equipment and has been hunting for sea creatures on under the sea adventures.  I'm just glad he wants to take a bath!

I'm not letting the mess bother me right now   So on Friday when tornadoes loomed in the vicinity (the kids called this The Big Tomato).  We hunkered down, turned on some music for a little dance and naked motorcycle show.

There's plentiful, "Don't jump off of there!  Keep the water in the bath tub and off the floor!  Stop tickling my butt!  Let's not cut that!  Put the machete down!"

But between all the curiosities and troublesome experiments that make me bellow corrections and worries, the sunshine of reverence and endearment shoots waves of gentle delight to my heart.  I love them for who they are, and I could just smoother each one of them with kisses all over.  These are my soul mates, my perfect family.  We make a party where ever we go and it's such a joy to live in the same house with my best friends.  I wake up next to Mari, engulfed in the beauty and merriment we've cultivated.  Sometimes we turn on the morning cartoons for the kids and snuggle a little bit longer.

Today we went for brunch at Silver Diner, so happy to enjoy local delicious food.  Then spent the afternoon gardening.

   As Nala hunts for worms to feed the quails

Couldn't really ask for anything more right now.  Life is good.

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