Saturday, April 16, 2011

Got Confused?

We went to a friend's house last night for an impromptu dinner party.  This was the type of adult party where everyone brings their kids and there were a total of 8 kids running around befriending each other.

I walked out on the deck to two women conversing, "I was talking about how my kids ruined my life."
Typical girl talk right?
She has three boys, the oldest has Autism spectrum, the middle is an over dramatic pistol, and the youngest just wants attention.  "I turn into a crazy lady with them.  I find myself doing things, that if there was a camera, people would watch and think that I was a crazy lady."

I know how that feels! I often wonder 'what would supper nanny say?'

When she told this to her family practice doctor, the doctor convinced her to take a prescription for Prosac.  It really helped and she doesn't act so crazy anymore.
I warned her that it could ruin her sex life, which could stress out her marriage.  "What sex life?"
Oh boy.  Well maybe that is the problem.

I'm confused about life.  So confused.  But this week I've started to realize that the rest of the women out there are confused too.
found this charm hanging on a cherry blossom tree downtown

Loving the baby quails

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