Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Emerging from the Moving Induced Isolation Tank

It feels like it has been forever since I have updated.  We've been moving.  From our little brick townhouse, into the top level of my mom's little brick split level home.  We were also prepping our house for renters, and that was so much more work than I anticipated.  There were all these little things that needed to be fixed that we just lived with.  Like, the broken cabinet drawers and kitchen shelf, The cracked mirrors, the holes in the walls from floating shelves that were too heavy, the loose sink faucet, the broken banister rail, and the crayon on the wall, and the crayon on that wall, and the crayon on that other wall, and the crayon on the shower wall, and the stickers on the bathroom wall, oh and more crayon over there!  We made an honest effort to clean it all up, and luckily our renters are awesome and they will be painting over whatever they still don't like.  I told them paint or fix things if they need to, just deduct the cost of supplies from the rent check, and make sure they buy No-VOC paint.  I advertised the townhouse as  being "Green" Environmentally Friendly updated.  So they are like minded :)
It would have been fun to do all those home improvements, but with the kids it was tough.  Mari and I had to take turns watching the kids and fixing up the house.  Plus it seemed like there was an endless supply of stuff that needed to be transported.  I'm not sure I can claim myself a minimalist anymore because it appears we have accumulated some crap.
So now phase one of the move is complete and we have turned over the house to the renters, phase two is focusing on settling into the new place.  That is not without its challenges.  The first week we were here the AC/Heater stopped working.  Classic DC Metro area style it went from 60 degrees one week to 40 the next week to 80 the next week.  We survived during the cold week because we had a space heater in the kid's bedroom and a down comforter in 'the adults' bedroom (yes that's right we got the baby out of our bed finally) the hot week was tougher and we called a repair man.
GirlFriend is all grown up sleeping on the bottom bunk and LittleMan on the top.  We are all really happy with the new arrangement, the transition was no trouble at all.  LM likes climbing so he was happy to take the top bunk and say goodbye to his car bed.  GF is at the age (16 months) where she is more independent and she like having a bed of her own - like big bro.  They both feel more secure in a room together and so LM's midnight trips into our bed have stopped.  Mari and I did not know what to do with ourselves with all the extra space.  We spent the first few minutes making snow angels in the covers.
So now we are in phase two and settling into the new home.  And as this new chapter unfolds I become evermore obsessed with turning into a stay at home mom.  I like my job, i really do, and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful work experience and manager.  But my kids are growing up with a halftime mother.  We only get a couple hours together in the evenings before bed, and the weekends are so rushed that I can hardly call them "quality family time."  I need to get past whatever is holding me back from having the courage to tell my work that I want to go part time.  I am even thinking that I would like to be a full time stay at home mom, if we could afford it.  I lay awake at night running over the dialog in my head of how I will propose a new part time schedule to my boss...
Finally in other - slightly more graphic - news, LM's stool seems to have normalized.  He is no longer having the 8x day little orange poops.  Now they are beautiful , long, and brown.  I'm so pleased.  Not sure if it is the diet or the supplements, but something worked :).

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