Saturday, April 10, 2010

Such a Lady

 I remember that LittleMan would never mind when he had a dirty diaper.  He would just keep playing or doing whatever.  It was like pulling teeth to drag him into the bathroom and change him.  He would resist the whole way.  He never minded even the largest, stinkiest, heaviest sack of junk in the trunk.  But GirlFriend is so different.  My little girl is about to turn 16 months and is such a lady.  Today she told me that she wanted her diaper changed with a series of signs and motions.  It felt like a successful round of baby Pictionary.  I was sitting on the couch when she came over and got into my lap, put her hands around the back of my neck and started making a lifting motion.  She does this when she wants me to carry her somewhere.  She started kind of whimpering.  I said, "what are you hungry? thirsty? do you want milk?" nope. nope. nope.  Her little whine was getting worse and frustrated, so I put her down for a second.  She stood in front of me a stuck her hips out.  Then she started pointing towards her diaper.  "oh, you want a diaper change! ok, lets go."  and man did she have a big messy one.
So after putting on a fresh clean diaper and taking her back downstairs, she started whimpering again.  I went through the checklist for the second time, "what now? are you hungry? thirsty? sleepy?"  She made the sleep sign by covering her ear with her hand.  oh, you're sleepy.  It was still light outside, but the days are getting longer and we had been out for a big walk earlier.  
So we went to bed and she fell asleep contently.  I couldn't believe that she actually put herself to bed.  What kid does that?  It reminded me of a scene from the Simpsons where Maggie changes her own diaper.  Sometimes GF does grab a wipe and try to wipe herself while I am changing her.
This was all pretty amazing.  GF has been trying to talk for a while and sputtering out a few really clear words like 'kitty cat,' 'bubble,' and 'jacket.' I just love how she finds ways to communicate with me and never gets frustrated for long.

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