Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby want the Bling Bling

Stark differences between the girls and the boys.  I swear that I'm not contributing to this behavior!  My little baby girl has taken to sticking things in her ears; coins and little shiny things.  Mari thinks that it is because she wants to wear earrings.  He said, "of course, she's a girl!  She wants her ears pierced."  You see in Brazil, baby girls get their ears pierced in the hospital when they are born, and baby boys get circumcised.  Talk about gender equality.  hmm.  never mind that does not make quite as much sense typed out as it made in my head.
So Mari has continued to hold a grudge about neither of our kids being maimed in the hospital when they were born.  I just couldn't bring myself to let a doctor near LittleMan's little man part with a scalpel.  Plus, I feel like it must be there for a reason, right?  So I told Mari that it was his decision but I was against it.  He decided to wait and get it done in Brazil, aka, never gonna happen.  But he has continued to bring it up over and over again as something important that needs to be done.
Now he sings that same tune about GirlFriend's lobes.  Not that I have any problem with piercing her ears; I think that would look super cute.  I mean, I myself used to sport 9 holes in my left ear back in the day.
I just don't want to see her cry and tug at her ears in pain.  That would be heart wrenching.
However lately as she has taken an interest in my jewelery and started sticking things in her ears and looking in the mirror.  I am starting to consider taking her to a tattoo parlor/piercing shop....  Yesterday she even picked up a little circular piece of plastic, the white hollow cap that comes on soy milk cartons, and tried to fasten it in her hair like a hair clip.  Is accessorizing  instinctive or something?

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  1. I used to be the one that voiced my opinion on other mom's to wait until the child was
    ready. Until I had my own baby girl of course. When I took our dd to her 8 week check up, the doctor asked during the visit if I was planning on getting her ears pierced. I said probably not for a while. But she started explaining that it would be really easy to do it now while she is so young and didn't have control of her hands. That way she wouldn't touch or pull on them. Since they would always be there-she wouldn't be too curious about them- it would just be apart of her.

    She gave me some suggestions for moms having their infants/little girls ears pierced.
    After reading them and calling around to find the right place/person to pierce her ears, we went and had her ears pierced at Piercing Pagoda. And the doctor was right. We have never had a problem with her pulling them or touching them. And she is really good about letting me change them. She didn't even cry much when it was done and much less than her shots. Our ped said if they cry, it is because of being restrained or the noise of the piercing instrument.

    I'd say if you're thinking about it, then you mommy intuition is telling earlier is better and I'd do it now before she gets too big.

    If you would like our ped's tips, write me an e-mail and I'll send them to you.




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