Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nala's Sick Week

This has been a tough week for Nala-bala, and yet despite all of it, she remains such a ray of light.  A little over a week ago I found lice in her hair.  My first lice encounter, gross!  She had been itching and we received a letter about someone in her class having them.  I took a shower with her and washed her hair.  Apparently the water makes them dumb and slow, and when I found the first little fucker, errrrrr!  I was like, "You bastards get out of my daughter's hair."  I don't think Nala has ever heard me curse so much.  

So she missed school one day for that. Then the following day she had a stomach ache and missed school for three more days.  We've been trying to get to the bottom of this chronic stomach ache she gets.  This stomach ache that always miraculously disappears by the time we make it to the doc.  Well this time around we actually got an appointment in while she was still feeling it and have some leads now on what to try and what tests to start with.  I also finally convinced her to get blood work done and that was helpful.

This girl never fell sick for the first five years of her life, and now for the last year she's been getting fevers every 2 months like clockwork.  bizarre.  I got so worried about her one night that I was up late googling scary things.  
Nala loves high fashion, even on the battlefield

She writes everyone in the family love letters for no reason

She's effortlessly cool and graceful

Loving and gentle
inquisitive and artistic

Naturally joyous and playful

I just love her to pieces and seeing her not feeling well hurts me on the inside.  Last week when she had a fever she woke up at 3am coughing.  Tori awoke as well.  I stayed up with them and we partied.  Despite her weakness, every time she looked at Tori she broke out in a smile.

Parenting is like this fun and scary roller coaster that you're tied to and can never get off of.  You can laugh, scream, cry and feel like puking... or get puked on.

 I have to say that it was nice having her home with me and Tori, like a mini vacation day to craft and play.  She always ended up feeling better midday, but not quite well enough to go to school

Making avocado sushi

Obviously so sick

and finally...  the next little girl to enchant my heart.

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