Monday, April 8, 2013

The Sweetest Wish I've Ever Heard

"Oh I found a penny."  Nala said.  She reached down and picked it up between two little stubby four year old fingers.  She took a couple careful baby steps towards to water's edge in worn down Hello Kitty flats that used to be covered in pink sparkles.  Standing there she gazed intently out to the reflecting pool, just beyond a cluster of seagulls   Holding her hands and the penny close to her heart she softly and privately whispered to it, "I wish for all the flowers in the world to bloom everywhere."  And then tossed the penny in the water.

I just had to take this moment, put it in a bottle decorated with cherry blossom petals, and send out a big squeal of love to the universe for showing its selfless beauty in a being so close to my heart.

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