Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sweet Long days

Mari's sisters took Kaio to Orlando with them to Epcot and Sea World.  That meant four days with only one kid.  is it bad for me to admit that life was sooo much easier for those few days?
He often talks in his sleep, and they said that while he slept one day he said, "I miss you mommy." I melted.

Nala really missed him.  She kept calling him on her pretend telephone.  "Hi Kako, you're in Florida with Boni...etc etc etc."

He is back home now.

We went to the Baltimore Science Center today.  And on the way home drove through the Symphony of Lights. The kids loved seeing so many Christmas lights.  We thought it was a bit overpriced though ($20).

Now I'm exhausted.  good night.

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