Monday, November 16, 2015

Catching Up

I've never gone this long without posting before but the last few months have been even busier than usual as I was working on a proposal for a new business.  Happy that I turned it in last Friday and things have slowed down tremendously.  My mother in law is living with us, which is wonderful.  My kids are so lucky to not only have one grandmother in the house, but two.  They get so much love.

We celebrated Kaio's 9th birthday last weekend.  The difference between this year and last year is beyond striking.  He is so much happier now.  If you've been reading my posts over the years, then you know that I've struggled so much in figuring out the right approach for him.  He started off in Kindergarten and once the academics kicked in, begged not to go every day, then I homeschooled him for a year in a half, and then put him back in school mid year last year.
Seeing him run around with his friends, friends fighting over who gets to sit next to him, it is wonderful.  Last year this time he was lonely, afraid of people,  and threatening to hurt himself everyday.  

He is so much happier now and rarely blows up with anger.  Academically, I wouldn't say that he's farther along than when we were homeschooling.  But I'm not worried about it because he's happy, and that is all that matters to me.

I have a tremendous backlog of photos of the kids and baby Tori.  Here she is with our family dog friend Xbox, and Nala's pet bunny.

When she sees the bunny, she makes a little clicking noise with her teeth.

Xbox gets jealous of the baby.

Nala is thriving at school.  I keep getting notes home saying that she talks too much to friends.  Seriously, I do not care.  As someone who was so socially nervous and awkward in elementary school, I'm happy that she's not like that.  Have fun girlfriend.

Tori is Nala's little babydoll.  Even though there is a 6 year gap between them, I feel they will be good friends and sisters.

Mari raced in a bunch of paddleboard races this year.  He now races in the elite league.  I love how we merge our vacations with paddleboarding events.  I love traveling with a mission.

This picture is from a few months ago.  I do not like to put baby gates on the stairs because it gives a false sense of security.  Kaio pushed right through the gate we had when he was a baby.  I want her to learn to go up and down them so I do not have to worry about her falling.  Tori is walking now, and learning to go up and down the stairs holding on to the railing.

As much as they fight, they also support.

Our bed taken over by the munchkins.  We moved a twin mattress onto the floor in the room for me and Mari to sleep in.

These pictures were months ago.  What will I do when she's really not a baby anymore?

Neighborhood friends come over often.

My little hummingbirds.

Kaio living in his world.  Using legos to craft the cockpit of a tank that runs on gas and crystal power.  He drew the controls on paper, and made the levers and engine out of duplos.

A selfie with my baby from springtime.

She's so cute.

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